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This community is a place to discuss Blue Prism DX assets and development.

  • 1.  Working with Blue Prism Repositories on GitHub

    Posted 10-12-2020 13:02
    When downloading an asset (VBO/Proces/BPRelease) from the Blue Prism organization page on GitHub, it's important that you get the raw asset file as opposed to the HTML representation of the file contents. Otherwise, when you try to import the asset in to your Blue Prism instance you may experience issues.

    To download a Blue Prism asset from GitHub:

    1. Open your browser and navigate to the respository link for the specific asset you're interested in. For this example, we'll use the Process Information VBO (
    2. From the <> Code tab, click on the .xml or .bprelease file.

      Note: Most asset repositories will include the following files:
      • The asset .XML/.BPRelease file.
      • A user guide in either .DOCX or .PDF format.
      • A license file (typically the MIT License).
      • A README file.
    3. After you click on the asset file, you'll be presented with the contents of the file displayed in the default GitHub editor. DO NOT try to save the contents from this screen. This is where most issues start. If you try to save the contents from this screen you will likely get a file that contains HTML tags. This will not work when you try to import the file into Blue Prism.
    4. At the top right of the editor window, click the button titled "Raw". This will present the raw contents of the asset file without any HTML tags.
    5. Right-click on the page, select Save as..., and save the file.

      You should now have a clean asset file that can be imported into your Blue Prism environment.

      In some cases, the asset may be added to a GitHub Release. This is basically just a zip file that contains all of the file found in the repository. If the asset you're interested in has been built into a GitHub release you'll find it under the Releases heading on the right side of the screen.

      If you click the link for the specific release that will take you to another screen where you can choose to download the repository contents as either a .ZIP or a TAR.GZ file.


      Eric Wilson
      Director, Partner Integrations for Digital Exchange
      Blue Prism

    1. 2.  RE: Working with Blue Prism Repositories on GitHub

      Posted 10-16-2020 16:11
      Thanks Eric for sharing valuable info

      Nilesh Jadhav
      Senior RPA Specialist

    2. 3.  RE: Working with Blue Prism Repositories on GitHub

      Posted 10-28-2020 12:09
      Thank you for pointers, Is it applicable when we download C# repositories like microsoft-power-platform-connector from github/blue-prism.

      Amin Patel
      Intelligent Automation Developer
      Pune India

    3. 4.  RE: Working with Blue Prism Repositories on GitHub

      Posted 10-28-2020 18:05
      @Eric Wilson, or you can just press Code > Download Zip

      ... ​unless repo is huge like chromium(>1Gb), but I dont think any of BP repos are bigger than a few Mb.

      Andrey Kudinov
      Project Manager
      MobileTelesystems PJSC

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