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Not able to change value from drop down in chrome application

  • 1.  Not able to change value from drop down in chrome application

    Posted 04-14-2020 02:21
    Hello All,

    I need help. i am working blue prism  version 6.4.3 and doing automation on chrome application.
    I  have automated chrome application with browser mode but not able to change drop down value.
    i have already use select item with send keys but it is not working . it is working on lower environment like(Dev,Sit Uat).
    But production it is not working.

    please let me know if anyone can help me on the same.

    Thank you in advance...

    Shikha Rahangdale
    Systems Engineer
    Infosys Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Not able to change value from drop down in chrome application

    Posted 05-06-2020 12:40

    Have you identified the exact error with interacting with the drop-down element in your production environment?

    Typically, there are two things that could go wrong:
    1. Blue Prism is not able to identify the drop-down element
    2. Blue Prism identifies the drop-down element, but is unable to make a selection on it

    In the first scenario, check the Attribute fingerprint for the drop-down element in your Application Modeller. It's possible that one of the attributes that need to be matched has a different value in Production versus the lower environments. For example if the URL attribute needs to be matched and the URL between UAT and Production is different, the element will fail to be identified.

    Attribute fingerprint

    In the second scenario, it may be worthwhile to determine whether there is a material difference in the drop-down element between Production and the lower environments. If the Attribute fingerprint is okay, and the drop-down still does not work in all environments, one should question what changed between environments. You might explore alternative ways of spying and interacting with the drop-down. I would suggest identifying it via the UI Automation Navigator and see if that behaves more consistently. As a last resort, you may be able to use a JavaScript injection to force a selection on the drop-down.

    Charles Kovacs
    Developer Consultant
    Blue Prism