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Re:Error Spying HTML Mode

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  • 1.  Re:Error Spying HTML Mode

    Posted 02-04-2020 22:18
    Hi Bot Builders,
    Hope you are coding well,
    Just came across an error so thought to share with you guys and seek advice.
    When I was completing my BP advance consolidation exercise I had same problem in spying HTML mode.I was unable to capture any element in browser and target elements highlighted (Green Border) away from required elements to be captured.I completed the task successfully by using "Accessibility mode".
    But today ,while working on the project and using same HTML spying mode I encountered same problem,However ,I can do it on "Accessibility Mode" just wanted to ask you guys if there is something wrong with the configuration of my "Microsoft Internet Explorer".I have attached the Pictures as well.
    I use two screens I can see spy border coming out of screen limits.
    Regards and Thanks

    HTML Spy mode

    Gaurav Dhiman

  • 2.  RE: Re:Error Spying HTML Mode
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    Posted 07-31-2020 16:45
    Hello Gaurav, 

    Try minimizing your window that you are spying. This should help with getting the right element you are looking for. I also work with dual monitors however i have not had this issues beforfe. I see the monitor are either different sizes or layed out differently so i would see if that setup is causing your issue as well. 

    Let me if that helped or if you have any additional questions. 


    David Flores
    Sr. Product Consultant
    blue prism