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Attach Fails on Runtime Resources

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  • 1.  Attach Fails on Runtime Resources

    Posted 08-12-2020 13:24

    Has anyone had issues where an attach stage will work in debug mode at any speed but when the automation runs on a runtime resource the attach stage for one business object will fail?  All other attach stages work with no issues. I am having this issue for applications opened in IE on multiple tabs.  

    The automation logs into an application (App – A) in one tab.  From this application it will select a link to open a new application – (App - B ) which opens in a new tab.   There are two tabs open for each application. 

    Application B will complete the steps for the process to create a report.  This report is then opened in a third tab to display an HTML report. 

    When the automation opens this report in the third tab, the attach will fail if it is run on a runtime resource.  When the automation is run in debug mode at any speed, the attach works with no issues.

    Window name will partly vary depending on report: either Credit Balance Report or Debit Balance Report.

    Window name being used on the attach page: *Report* (have also tried *Balance Report)

    Process name being used: iexplore

    Settings tried:

    • Child Index updated for applications on each Tab:
      • App-A = 0
      • App-B = 1
      • Report Tab = 2

     I am  really at a loss as to why it works in debug but not on the RRs.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Leslie Jones
    Configuration and Control Specialist, RPA
    Meridian Credit Union

  • 2.  RE: Attach Fails on Runtime Resources
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    Posted 08-13-2020 11:01
    Hi Leslie,

    This depends if you are attaching between tabs or between windows i.e. does your process cause a new tab to be opened which IE automatically transfers you to?

    If so, then you will often find that once you have used your original action with a fully defined Application model as you've demonstrated, then the objects which attach to the already running application/browser don't require "Window Title" or "Process Name".

    You can instead retain the same child index of 0, as the digital worker will attach to the parent instance of iexplore which will be on the tab you require, and you can fiddle with the "Window Title" in the attach action.

    This is a band-aid solution, but let me know if solves your problem let me know - it depends on the tabs and windows piece, but is my immediate instinct.

    Hope this helps,


    James McLintock
    Process Analyst and Developer
    Blue Prism

  • 3.  RE: Attach Fails on Runtime Resources

    Posted 08-13-2020 14:14
    Thank you James!  The process does open in a new tab with IE transfers to.  I was able to get the automation running fully when I used the Child Index 0 and I had unchecked one of the selections in the app modeller.  Thanks again for you help.  


    Leslie Jones
    Configuration and Control Specialist, RPA
    Meridian Credit Union