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RE:Blueprism Enterprise Architecture

  • 1.  RE:Blueprism Enterprise Architecture

    Posted 07-04-2020 12:07

    Hi Bot builders,
    trust all are well and keeping safe,
    I have set up Networking Lab With 4 machines and 1 laptop,for blueprism Architecture training purposes.
    can someone please respond with what machine is to be designated as what i.e Interactive clients,runtime resources,server and blueprism application server?

    Machine 1- Intel Xeon Server with Windows 2016 server installed.
    Machine 2 Intel Xeon PC ,36 GB RAM,Blueprism installed,Windows 10 PC

    Machine 3 and 4 ,Intel Xeon ,16 GB RAM,Windows 10 PCs

    Laptop- i7 ,Windows 10

    What would be database server???

    Regards and thanks 


    Gaurav Dhiman
    RPA developer,ROM Architect
    0413 930 960

  • 2.  RE: Blueprism Enterprise Architecture

    Posted 07-05-2020 01:24
    Hi Gaurav,
    I would recommend this:
    Machine 1 = App Server
    Machine 2 = DB
    Machine 3 = RR
    Laptop i7 = IC
    However, if I were you, I would still use virtualization if you haven't planned it and install the trial version of VMware OR even Hyper-V and just run the BP components as VMs on the above machines.  You can then add a Windows Domain Controller as another VM so you can use SSO.

    Max Elopre
    Technical Consultant
    Chicago IL