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Credentials Migration

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  • 1.  Credentials Migration

    Posted 06-16-2020 06:59
    Hi everyone,

    I have an issue while importing a release from Dev Env to QA Env.
    The issue is when importing a release that contains a created credentials, BluePrism asks me if I want to create the mentioned credentials. But, I noticed that the credentials has been created with a wrong username and password in QA environment.

    Any Help ?


    Ahmed Adel

  • 2.  RE: Credentials Migration
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-17-2020 07:41
    Hi Ahmed,

    You may have already had an answer for this given the time since you asked, but I thought I'd respond anyway in case it helps you or anyone in future.

    So the way the credential import works is that, for security reasons, none of the sensitive information in the credential (i.e. the passwords) gets included in the release when it is exported. This is to prevent accidentally sharing such information upon sharing a release, but is also set up to expect different accounts in different environments.

    There are ways and means of storing these outside of Blue Prism, such as tools like LastPass, so you can easily refer back to them when needing to migrate a credential to a new environment. Other options are asking IT for a password to be reset when migrating, or indeed using different accounts in each environment.

    Hopefully that provides some insight for you.

    Kind regards,

    Sam Stone
    CoE Build Lead
    Blue Prism