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Multi bot architecture

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  • 1.  Multi bot architecture

    Posted 02-03-2020 08:54
    Hi team,

    How many runner machines can connect with same control room at enterprise level. 

    Are they any limit if yes is there depend on licence.

    Sidramappa Hunashyal

  • 2.  RE: Multi bot architecture
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    Posted 02-05-2020 17:24
    There are no published limits for connected Digital Workers, but what I can say is that Blue Prism is the no. 1 RPA vendor for achieving scale.

    Blue Prism license numbers control the number of concurrent Blue Prism processes which you can run in your environment, but does not control the number of connected Digital Workers.

    Carl Carter
    Developer Program Manager
    Blue Prism

  • 3.  RE: Multi bot architecture

    Posted 07-17-2020 01:00
    Edited by Simon Andre Pedersen 07-17-2020 01:01

    Well isn't the recommended configuration of Blue Prism infrastructure:

    connect up to 500 Digital workers to a single database. However, each application server should maximum connect up to 100 digital workers per server. 

    Meaning to connect 500 workers to 1 control room, you would need 5 application servers connected to 1 database. 

    You can go beyond the 500 per database; however, as to my knowledge Blue Prism do not recommend it. 

    It is correct there is no limit from the license side. 

    Simon Andre Pedersen
    PWC HK

  • 4.  RE: Multi bot architecture

    Posted 02-06-2020 00:10
    As Carl mentioned,

    With even 1 digital worker license, you can connect 100's of VM's to the same application sever and all may be connected .

    The only license limitation says, If you have procured 1 Digital worker license, you may be able to run only 1 Session at a time. i.e: out of your 100s of connected machines, only 1 of the machines will be able to run a process from control room at a time.

    Vivek Goel
    CoE Lead Architect
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  • 5.  RE: Multi bot architecture

    Posted 08-21-2020 05:26
    it overall depends on license model. If your license limit were 100, then you could run 100 sessions simultaneously in a single environment, such as Production.

    Asif Salim
    Technical Manager