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Issue with Outlook

  • 1.  Issue with Outlook

    Posted 10-25-2019 18:20

    We have a shared mailbox and we have a process developed to automatically send replies to all the emails in Inbox and move them to a Inbox subfolder.

    Previously we were using MAPI Ex and it was working fine until, we encountered an issue where it will fails to move mails from Inbox to a Inbox subfolder. The error message used to be Failed to move message and it is not consistent. Sometimes it fails when it tries to move the 9th email sometimes 16th email like that... The same process was working in PROD for more than 6 months without any issues.

    As a resolution, we changed from MAPI Ex to Outlook VBO and we still have the same issue. The error message is different though(Operation has failed). Also it is not consistent. It fails after 16 emails sometimes. Sometimes more than that.. It is randomly occurring.

    ERROR: Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The operation failed.

    So having tried both MAPI Ex and Outlook VBO, could somebody suggest on what could be the issue?


    Vipin Madathum Padikkal

  • 2.  RE: Issue with Outlook

    Posted 10-28-2019 08:52
    Hi Vipin,

    This post in not appropriate for the Learning Community, therefore can you please post in a tech Community, or raise a support ticket at

    Best regards,

    Carl Carter
    Developer Program Manager
    Blue Prism

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