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Configuring BP Server on the same machine

  • 1.  Configuring BP Server on the same machine

    Posted 10-09-2019 06:23
    I am currently undergoing foundation course and wanted to try BP Server on the same machine to demonstrate the Scheduler. Is that possible?
    I have v6.2 of BP. I referred to several online guides, but didn't help much.
    I am on office network with dynamic IP. I have configured the Encryption Key, service is set to Automatic and with Login with current user details. But it fails to start saying "service was started and stopped...".
    When I try creating new connections in BP studio, with "Blue Prism Server" as Connection type, Connection Mode as "WCF:Insecure", I get error "Ensure that the specified server address matches the binding configured on the server".
    In the BP Server Configuration correct key is given but it fails since the server connection itself is not getting established.
    Any guidance on how to achieve it?

    Nikhil Sathe
    Sr Consultant
    Capgemini Technology Services

  • 2.  RE: Configuring BP Server on the same machine

    Posted 10-09-2019 18:42
    Edited by Harsh Singla 10-09-2019 18:43
    Hi Nikhil,

    Although I have not seen anyone trying scheduler the way you are trying to test it. Since Blue Prism Scheduler lives on application server, It will be worth to review the Blue Prism Server setup.

    I would recommend going through the checklist provide by Blue Prism on this support article :

    What are the requirements for running Scheduled Tasks in Blue Prism?

    Make sure your machine is publicly accessible ( this is one of the requirement mentioned in the above article and since you are inside a corporate network , this is a good place to start the troubleshooting)

    Keep us posted.

    Harsh Singla
    Technology Lead

  • 3.  RE: Configuring BP Server on the same machine

    Posted 10-10-2019 13:32
    In bpserver.exe, did you leave host textbox blank? In running app server locally, I can't remember if I set that to blank or localhost. Did you use the default port? Also, you set up the encryption key, so you set up Credentials Key using the connection to the database to get into your BP database instance?

    Brian Clayton
    Lead Developer - C#/Blue Prism RPA
    The Auto Club Group