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Cannot register at Pearson Vue

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  • 1.  Cannot register at Pearson Vue

    Posted 11-23-2020 02:28
    Dear BP team,

    I have raised ticket ref 132502 regarding unable to register account at Pearson Vue but no response yet. Error message says "We couldn't find a match in our system". Please help look into case and advise?

    Thank you,

    Zipei Liang

  • 2.  RE: Cannot register at Pearson Vue

    Posted 11-23-2020 09:08

    Dear Zipei,

    Thank you for contacting us.  Unfortunately, as per our previous notifications, the Pearson Vue site is currently under maintenance and will be live again from 24th November GMT.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused - please see a copy of the notification below.   We suggest that you try again after midnight tonight GMT.  If you are still unable to create an account, you will need to contact Pearson Vue.  Our team will also follow up on your support ticket ref 132502.

    REMINDER:  There is a planned Pearson Vue maintenance and system update effective from Thursday 19th November midnight (GMT) to Monday 23rd November midnight (GMT). 

     The work has been scheduled over a weekend to minimise the impact.  Please note that during this period, candidates will not be able to book exams and new candidates will not be able to create accounts.  Existing candidates however, will still be able to attend exams where available and will still be able to access their accounts.

    Bronwyn Lanning

  • 3.  RE: Cannot register at Pearson Vue

    Posted 11-23-2020 22:32

    whether I Select from these, I can't creat an account.

    Yes, my BluePrism Portal ID is:
    Yes, I have received my BluePrism Portal ID, but I do not have it with me.
    No, I have not received my BluePrism Portal ID.

    Zipei Liang

  • 4.  RE: Cannot register at Pearson Vue

    Posted 11-23-2020 23:19
    The error message is:

    We could not find you in our system.

    We were unable to find you in the information provided to us by Blue Prism. This may be due to one of the following reasons:

    1. The details provided to us are different than those that you are entering.
      Please ensure that you enter your details exactly as they were provided to Blue Prism.
    2. You are not eligible to create an account yet.
      We must first receive your information from Blue Prism in order for you to sign up.

    If you continue to experience problems, please contact Blue Prism to confirm the information has been sent to us.

    Zipei Liang

  • 5.  RE: Cannot register at Pearson Vue
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-24-2020 08:47
    Hi Zipei,

    Thank you for letting us know about this issue and for your patience while we acquire further information.  This seems to have developed following the Pearson Vue update yesterday.  We are in communication with the Pearson Vue team about this and will update you as soon as they have rectified the situation.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we hope that we will be in a position to give a more comprehensive update as soon as possible. 

    We will let everybody know once we have more information.

    Brenda Weschke
    Educations Services Operations Specialist