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Virtual Blue Prism World - Challenges!

  • 1.  Virtual Blue Prism World - Challenges!

    Posted 06-12-2020 05:25
    Edited by Norah Alsudani 06-12-2020 09:12

    Happy Friday everybody!


    Who is joining us at our Virtual Blue Prism World?


    We still have some spaces on our Challenges which will be hosted on the 23rd June (details linked below):


    Automated Blue Prism Asset Migration - 5 hour challenge

    Join us in solving a popular customer request of an automated BP asset migration method from one Blue Prism environment to another. This has a potential to minimize the time it takes customers to upgrade from one Blue Prism version to another or one Blue Prism environment to another. You will be measured on solution design, creativity, collaboration, build quality and performance.

    Automation Reviewer Challenge - 3 hour challenge

    This challenge is designed to test your understanding of Blue Prism development best practices while also pushing your technical ability with the product to the limits. Your output will be a useful tool for design authorities to simplify build reviews and ensure best practices are followed. You will need a sound understanding of BP development and of XML manipulation to do well in this and you will be scored based on adhering to best practices, performance and design quality.

    Login Agent Challenge - 3 hour challenge

    Join us in building a solution to the Windows login issue that is capable of identifying what condition the computer is in (for example already logged in, locked, or logged out) and get the machine logged in. As part of the challenge your team will need to identify how to best test their solution on a local machine that is intended for virtual workers.

    Surface Automation Gaming - 4 hour challenge

    Join us to demonstrate your skills in surface automation, problem solving and creativity to deliver the best solution to play a Windows-based game. You will be measured on solution design, creativity, collaboration, build quality and performance.


    Before you apply, please have in mind a minimum of three people to enter a team (maximum five people per team). The challenges are open to both our customers and partners, although, entries are limited and acceptance will be on a first come first served basis (challenges registration will close once we have registered eight team leaders per challenge). 

    All team entries must:

    • Be of a competent standard in Blue Prism.
    • Have at least one certified developer (or designer) with at least 12 months experience on the team.
    • Be from the same organisation, i.e. they must all have the same email domain address (note – we will accept non-permanent employees or consultants provided they are under contract at your organisation).

    To Register:
    1. If you are a Team Captain and would like to register for a challenge, firstly please ensure you are already registered for the BPW event
    2. Once you are registered, navigate to this page and click the 'chair' icon (screenshot below)
    3. Once the Team Captain has registered we will send a unique link for you to register your team name and team members

    Good luck!

    Norah Alsudani
    Communities Strategy Director
    Blue Prism