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Big F.A.T Holiday Quiz: how BPFG raised almost £2,000 to begin the year!

  • 1.  Big F.A.T Holiday Quiz: how BPFG raised almost £2,000 to begin the year!

    Posted 01-08-2021 16:32

    Hi BPFG community!

    We couldn't be happier of how the 2021 started for us. After the big F.A.T. (Fun all together 😉) Christmas quiz we ran at the end of December, we've been able to raise almost £2,000 which is a brilliant achievement. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to raise this amount.

    Here's is an example of how this money has already changed some people's lives: By fundraising, the Blue Prism team has helped Everyone Connected (formerly DevicesDotNow) reach their first goal of supporting over 10,000 people. Right now, frontline organisations are in urgent need of digital devices for vulnerable people in their communities, to help them stay connected with the outside world and Everyone Connected has made this happen, partly thanks to the amazing Blue Prism Team.

    Check the video below to see how some people have already had access to these electronic devices supported by fundraiser money.

     Here's to an incredible 2021 with your help! ✨✨✨


    Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

Blue Prism For Good

The Blue Prism For Good initiative addresses four distinct areas: Charity & Fundraising, Inclusivity, Supporting not-for-profits, and Education. These are unified by our vision to unleash society’s full potential and inspire the future of work through automation. As a predominantly grassroots movement, all suggestions and ideas for volunteering are welcomed.

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