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A community for Blue Prism Decipher users.

Decipher 2.1 is now available

  • 1.  Decipher 2.1 is now available

    Posted 01-27-2022 16:44

    We're delighted to announce the availability of Blue Prism Decipher IDP 2.1.

    Version 2.1 introduces support for Azure SQL as well as a number of other improvements that enhance usability and flexibility to meet business needs for the intelligent extraction of information from business documents. Many of the changes in this release are the result of direct feedback from our customers, leveraging their knowledge of running Decipher IDP in their organizations, to introduce tangible improvements.

    With Decipher IDP 2.1 you'll enjoy:

    • Azure SQL support to improve the efficiency for customers who want to use Decipher on Azure. This version includes a script that automatically configures Azure SQL for use with Decipher, backed up by comprehensive guidance in our online help system. 
    • Regex in formulas to provide a number of pre-defined formulas to match, search, and replace text in a string. For example, this would allow a postcode to be easily extracted from a captured address field.
    • Additional 'Misc' parameters including 'DisableSoftValidation' that provides additional flexibility to allow users to amend fields, but to ensure that it is completed.
    • Dual screen mode/Pop-up window supports a second screen during class and data verification, improving the user experience when working with complex documents.
    • Zoom setting improvements that allow users to easily define their preferences when switching between documents.
    • Centralized logs that store all system logs files in the %public% document folder, making it easier to secure Decipher.
    • Support for Single Single-On (SSO) integration with existing authentication solutions.
    • Advanced batch filtering using 'Assignment filters' to provide more granular control of batches to specific users or user groups.
    • The new DeleteBatchContent permission is a new permission that can be assigned to Admin users, allowing them to delete batches and documents from a batch.
    • Fuzzy match improvements that provide additional options for defining the variability of text permitted in a specific field.

    For details on these and additional new features and changes in the release, please refer to the Decipher 2.1 Release Notes.

    Decipher IDP is now available, without additional license cost, to all customers with Production and Business Critical Support. Blue Prism is also pleased to announce the availability of an optional Unlimited Use License for Decipher IDP 2.1 customers. Please contact your Blue Prism account or partner representative to request access to Decipher IDP 2.1 today. 

    Upgrading to Decipher IDP 2.1 

    Existing Decipher IDP 1.2 environments upgraded to Decipher IDP 2.1 retain all configuration, templates and machine learning, enabling customers to easily benefit from the new features.

    For information on upgrading existing environments, please refer to the Decipher IDP 2.1 Release Notes and Install guide.

    Kevin Barnes
    Community Manager
    Blue Prism

Welcome to the Blue Prism Decipher Community

Blue Prism Decipher IDP is Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism RPA. This is a community for Decipher users to get support and discuss the implementation and usage of product.

This community has been set up so that we continue to work closely with our Decipher users, both new and established. As our members join, we will be using this community to share information, and also hope this will allow all members to discuss ideas and issues around Decipher.

Decipher IDP Resources

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Decipher IDP is a Blue Prism product for Intelligent Document Processing. It allows organizations to easily extract, analyse and understand data from a range of documents whether these are PDFs, email attachements, or even scanned paperwork.
Decipher IDP is currently available without additional cost to Blue Prism customers with Production or Business-Critical support.
Please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager or Customer Success Director for information on accessing Decipher. They will be able to request a license key which is required to be able to install Decipher IDP.
Yes, a trial version is available for Blue Prism customers. Please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager or Customer Success Director for information on accessing Decipher. We are planning to offer a trial version available for download from our DX later this year.
All documentation for Decipher IDP is available online on BP DOCS.
An extended FAQ can be found here.
Decipher IDP is currently available for Blue Prism Enterprise customer for on-premise installation.