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Decipher learning capabilities

  • 1.  Decipher learning capabilities

    Posted 10-11-2020 22:20
    Dear community members,
    we try to run Decipher PoC in these days.

    We have no experience with OCR tools. In our PoC, we have a document type that contains identical data, but is very variable in its structure. We assumed that the machine learning built-in Decipher should cover this varibility.
    We are not happy with the results of PoC. Perhaps it would help  to better understand how machine learning works in fact.

    What I doesn't understand is: 
    1. In the Decipher settings I can define the number of documents for creating the machine learning model. Until this limit is reached is ML model not active? In other words so far we see, when verifying data, only the results of rule-based assignment of region fields to in the document form definition defined fields ?
    2. Is ML only learned from user corrections of extracted data in the validation form? Do it also learn from resizing highlighted regions on the document when they are not focused accurately or correctly?
    3. Highlighted regions are determined by how the structure of the document understands OCR and ML does not interfere in this process?
    Thank you for your answers.

    Jiri Hlucil
    Blue Prism Developer
    Sberbank CZ, a. s.

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Decipher IDP is a Blue Prism product for Intelligent Document Processing. It allows organizations to easily extract, analyse and understand data from a range of documents whether these are PDFs, email attachments, or even scanned paperwork.
Decipher IDP is currently available without additional cost to Blue Prism customers with Production or Business-Critical support.
Please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager or Customer Success Director for information on accessing Decipher. They will be able to request a license key which is required to be able to install Decipher IDP.
Yes, a trial version is available for Blue Prism customers. Please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager or Customer Success Director for information on accessing Decipher. We are planning to offer a trial version available for download from our DX later this year.
All documentation for Decipher IDP is available online on BP DOCS.
An extended FAQ can be found here.
Decipher IDP is currently available for Blue Prism Enterprise customer for on-premise installation.