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A space for discussion around the Community site and programs.

Quick Tip: would you like to keep up to date on the Community via email? 📩

  • 1.  Quick Tip: would you like to keep up to date on the Community via email? 📩

    Posted 12-16-2020 13:30

    Did you know that you can control the frequency and type of community notifications for each individual community you follow? For example, you can elect to receive 1 email including all content from multiple Communities or you can receive individual Community updates. This is customizable for every community you follow!

    Learn about the different notification types and how to tailor your Community notifications to what best suits you just in a few clicks.

    When joining a community, you'll be prompted to choose from the following:

    • Under 'Community Notifications', you can choose to include consolidated content from this specific Community in your email 'Digest' (daily or weekly)
      • This will include updates on upcoming events, blogs and discussions for that Community
    • Under 'Discussion Notifications' you can also choose whether you want to receive a dedicated digest for this Community – including real-time notifications for that specific community.
      • This will include updates on discussions only

    Manage the frequency of notifications for each of your communities
    Whatever you decide upon joining a community, there's a way to easily manage all your community notifications from one place:

    1- Head to your Profile on the top right corner, click on My Account>Community Notifications

    2- Scroll down to Notifications Settings, where you will see all the notifications preferences associated to the communities you are a member of.

    If you choose the digest weekly option, you can customise which day you would like to receive them by clicking on the drop down menu right above the Notification Settings section.

    Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega
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