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  • 1.  #CommunityWins: How do make your workspace your happy place?

    Posted 10-19-2021 14:25
    Monday's here, time for the start of another week of process automation with Blue Prism! This week I'm thinking about what makes your workspace, be it a home office, or a real office, your happy place? What items do you keep close to ensure you have a productive and successful working day?

    It could be a picture of loved ones, a lucky cup, a certain piece of equipment or decor, maybe even a pet (if you're working from home), that makes your space great.

    For me, it's having a pair of headphones. I don't mind if it's music or a podcast, but having something to listen to whilst getting stuck into a task always makes me more productive. Our cat also likes to drop by from time to time and say hello when she takes a break from her busy nap schedule.

    Please share with us how you make your workspace your happy place, and here's to a great week ahead!

    Kevin Barnes
    Community Manager
    Blue Prism

  • 2.  RE: #CommunityWins: How do make your workspace your happy place?

    Posted 10-19-2021 21:58
    Haha, I have my dog, development partner :D
    Your name is Lua

    Emerson Ferreira
    Sr Business Analyst
    Avanade Brasil
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