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Read/Save Attachments from EML-Attachment - Outlook

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  • 1.  Read/Save Attachments from EML-Attachment - Outlook

    Posted 07-29-2021 10:09
    I need a function with which I can read or save an attachment with the file type ".eml" from a received mail in order to read or save the actual attachment from this EML.
    Saving or opening is not yet possible because this file type is not even recognized as an attachment.
    So far we have always used the Outlook VBO, but there (get received items) no EML file type is already listed / displayed as an attachment in the table and no file is saved with "Save Attachments" - I also have no knowledge of the coding, so I need it Help with this, if something has to be written as code yourself to expand the VBO module or something like that.
    Thanks in advance!

    Björn Reinke

    Blue Prism Version: 6.4.2.
    VDI: Win10 / Office 365

  • 2.  RE: Read/Save Attachments from EML-Attachment - Outlook

    Posted 07-29-2021 15:20
    Our product has the function to save attachments with no issues. We will need more details to troubleshoot your issue.
    Please get in touch with our support team by creating a new ticket in the Support Portal or by email at

    Luis Lopez
    Customer Support Engineer English and Spanish
    Blue Prism Ltd

  • 3.  RE: Read/Save Attachments from EML-Attachment - Outlook
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-02-2021 11:39
    Selfmade Solution ;-) :

    Hi Ryan,

    thank you for the fast feedback!

    I found a solution as a workaround by chance, which now lets me get to the target files.

    For you for information: I tried the Outlook VBO module from the DX again to verify whether the same result comes here with regard to the code, etc. It works over this, even with the positive side effect that the EML directly as MSG is saved. The DX function "Save Attachments from msg" can then also be used for this 😊

     Nevertheless, thank you for taking care!

    Kind regards

    Björn Reinke


    Betreff: Re: 169477 Read/Save Attachments from EML-Attachment - Outlook


    Hi Björn,



    Thank you for contacting Blue Prism Customer Support.

    I have done some research into this issue and I believe to have an understanding of why you are unable to save eml files attached to emails. 

    To my understanding, the problem is in the way that you have to reference attachments on Exchange if they represent Exchange objects. So, normal files are fine because they are referenced as such, but when it's an Exchange message or invite, you have to retrieve them using a different mechanism which Outlook VBO is unable to do.


    In regards to saving the contents of the eml file, currently, we do not have any specific internal or prebuilt VBO to extract the attachments from an EML file. Generally, these programming level developments can be implemented utilizing third-party DLL files which can parse and convert the target file formats with the Code Stage by the RPA designers/developers on their own.


    Unfortunately I would not be able to assist you with the design and creation of custom code for this, as the Support Team typically only assist customers with break/fix related issues.


    It may be a better/faster approach to look at this from a different angle. - Where do the attachments within the eml file originate from? Would it be possible to retrieve these in a different way in order to handle them within Blue Prism?


    Kind Regards,


    Ryan Kitchen

    Senior Support Analyst - EMEA

    Björn Reinke

    Blue Prism Version: 6.4.2.
    VDI: Win10 / Office 365

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