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A space for discussion around the Community site and programs.

  • 1.  Community Coins Competition time!

    Posted 04-06-2022 12:31

    Hi Community!

    Our Community Coins Competition is open! 

    Starting this month we will be running a month Community Coins competition for a chance to win Amazon & Certifications vouchers. Here's how to participate:

    1. Check the list of the 5 highlighted coins of the month and try and get them all!
    2. Once you've applied for the 5 highlighted coins, let us know by dropping us a message here.
    3. If you are one of the first five Community members to get all the 5 coins, you will receive a $30 Amazon voucher, to get rewarded how you want.

    What happens if you already had those coins or if you're not one of the first five members? You still have a chance to win!
    We will be selecting one winner at random between all our members who:
    Have the 5 highlighted Coins of the month & Display in one of the most active member leaderboards for that month.

    And without further ado, these are the 5 highlighted coins of the month:
    -Join our Mentoring Program
    We value your input - Participate in a poll
    Review your favourite DX assets!
    Love Blue Prism? Leave us a Gartner review
    Share your experience - Blue Prism Interact

    Head to the Community coins page for further information 

    Good luck!

    Grace Lanser
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

  • 2.  RE: Community Coins Competition time!

    Posted 05-09-2022 13:40

    Hi Community!

    The first month of our Community Coins challenge has come to an end, well done to everyone who took part in April. We are now releasing the highlighted Community Coins for May!

     Mays 5 highlighted Coins are:
    Subscribe to our Podcast: Transform NOW
    Share a Blue Prism Tech Tip
    Let us know your feedback - Fill out the Community feedback survey
    Keep updated - Attend an event
    Get involved and reply to the "Hot Topic" of the month!

    Head to the Community coins page for further information 

    Good luck!

    Grace Lanser
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

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