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Role models, inspiration and mentorship

  • 1.  Role models, inspiration and mentorship

    Posted 10-05-2020 13:47
    Mentorship is an effective way to propel women forward in the workplace, particularly in industries like tech which suffer from low representation of women. Finding someone who inspires you and can help you believe that you are capable of reaching their level of success can make all the difference in your career.

    Mentorship isn't just for those fresh into the workforce, it is a tool which can be leveraged throughout your career to advance yourself forward and, later on, to help navigate executive positions.

    Have you had a mentor by your side in your career? Would you like to find one or be one yourself? Please let us know by commenting on this thread - we would love to hear your stories!

    From WiRPA, we would like to give you the three key points in order to find the perfect mentor:
    1. Find someone who gels with your personality and values
    2. Approach someone whose success you'd like to learn from
    3. Have goals and be clear what you'd like to get out of the mentorship

    Last by not least, check out the resources below to begin with your mentorship journey:
    Women in Tech: Mentorships
    She Can Code: Role Models Are Key In Gender Diversity
    Ideas TED: How to mentor and support other women
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