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  • 1.  Filter Questions and Discussion that I started

    Posted 04-23-2021 08:20
    Hello Team,

    How can I filter out the Questions and Discussions post that I have started on the community? I checked under profile section > Contribution, but couldn't find any filter that returns me questions and discussions that I initiated.

    Cant we add a new filter item here which says ~ "View User Posts", filtering on which one can get the entire history of the Discussion and Question that they have started (Not those items in which user have replied)

    Thanks & Regards,
    Tejaskumar Darji

  • 2.  RE: Filter Questions and Discussion that I started

    Posted 04-27-2021 09:05
    Hi Tejaskumar,

    Thanks for bringing this up!

    Unfortunately, this is not a functionality available at the moment. However, I would recommend submitting it as an Idea under the Community category.

    That way the team can take a closer look at it and discuss the possibilities 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

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