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Quick Tip: Receive a Consolidated Daily/Weekly Digest to Stay Up-to-Date on Community Activity

  • 1.  Quick Tip: Receive a Consolidated Daily/Weekly Digest to Stay Up-to-Date on Community Activity

    Posted 02-25-2021 00:31
    Would you like to stay up-to-date on all the great activity happening in the Blue Prism Community? A consolidated Daily or Weekly Digest is a great option to keep updated on all the activity happening in every community you follow, without overloading your inbox with real-time notifications.

    Please note: This Quick Tip will help you set up one recurring digest for multiple communities. For more information on subscribing to individual communities, check out this post: Quick Tip: would you like to keep up to date on the Community via email?

    How to set up a Consolidated Daily or Weekly Digest
    Consolidated digest settings can be found in the Community Notifications section of your profile. To get there, first head to your Community Profile by clicking on your profile picture at the top right of any community page, and clicking "Profile" on the resulting drop-down. Once there, head to "My Account">"Community Notifications".

    On the Community Notifications page, you'll be able to change your preferred email address for notifications (please note: this will only update your notification preferences and will not change your primary Community email address). If you're going to be setting up a Weekly Digest, this is also where you can update your preferences on which day you'd like to receive that digest.

    Below those options, you'll see a "Notification Settings" table populated with all the communities you follow. This table is where you'll be able to opt-in to a Daily or Weekly Digest for each of those communities. To do this, simply find the community you'd like to add to a consolidated digest, and check off the Daily or Weekly options in the right-hand columns.
    Please note: the Discussion Email section in the table below shows your current notification preferences for that individual community - to turn those off and only receive updates in the Consolidated Digest, set the Discussion Email drop down to "No Email".

    Once you've checked off all the relevant communities you'd like to add to your Daily or Weekly Consolidated Digests, you're done! You'll now receive all your community updates in one notification email without having to check multiple notifications a day!

    Was this Quick Tip helpful? Do you have any questions about Consolidated Digests or Community Notifications? Leave a comment below and we'll be happy to answer any questions or feedback you have!

    Melanie Giuliani
    Online Community Manager
    Blue Prism

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