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Blue Prism Capture 2.1 Is Now Available

  • 1.  Blue Prism Capture 2.1 Is Now Available

    Posted 05-13-2022 12:51

    Announcement from:05-26-2021

    Your ability to automate faster to and scale automation throughout your business is dependent on your process definition documents (PDDs). Now, Capture version 2.1 delivers up to 35% faster time-to-automation by instantly turning your PDDs into Blue Prism process outlines.

    Blue Prism Capture is an intelligent process capture platform that automatically generates all the documentation needed to create and optimize process definition documents (PDDs). Since every automation needs one, we think your digital workforce should help you create them.

    Blue Prism Capture 2.1 is available at no added cost, to all Blue Prism customers and available for download here now.

    Highlights of this new version of Capture include:

    • Export the defined process as a Blue Prism release file (BPRELEASE), ready to be loaded into Blue Prism, with the process and object templates automatically laid out in Studio.
    • An improved product architecture for larger, more stable process captures, and up-to HD image quality.
    • A new process mini-map – for easier navigation of large business processes.

    For details of all enhancements, fixes, and minor improvements, see the release notes.

    For guidance on how to install, use and get the most out of Capture 2.1, see the online help.

    Tom Chiles
    Product Manager Blue Prism