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Decipher IDP 1.2 is now available

  • 1.  Decipher IDP 1.2 is now available

    Posted 05-13-2022 13:21

    Announcement from: 08-25-2021

    We're delighted to announce the availability of Blue Prism Decipher IDP 1.2 on-premise.

    Access new functionality that supports additional business use cases, as well as improvements to product performance. 

    With Version 1.2, you can take advantage of product performance improvements and new capabilities, including support for unstructured documents, to allow automated processing of legal and other contract-type documents. This release also supports the import and export of machine learning making it easier to quickly innovate new services in a test environment, before confidently moving them into a production environment.  

    With Decipher IDP 1.2 you'll enjoy:

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) support for unstructured documents (optional, requires Nvidia Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) card)
    • Simple import and export of machine learning models
    • The ability to support template (DFD) variations
    • Improved built-in reporting, including accuracy and processing performance reports

    For details on these and additional new features and changes in the release, please refer to the Decipher 1.2 Release Notes.

    Decipher is now available, without additional license cost, to all customers with Production and Business Critical Support. Blue Prism is also pleased to announce the availability of an optional Unlimited Use Licence for Decipher IDP 1.2 customers. Please contact your Blue Prism account or partner representative to request access to Decipher IDP 1.2 today. 

    Upgrading to Decipher IDP 1.2 

    Existing Decipher IDP 1.1 environments upgraded to Decipher IDP 1.2 retain all configuration, templates and machine learning, enabling customers to easily benefit from the new features.

    For information on upgrading existing environments, please refer to the Decipher IDP 1.2 Release Notes and Install guide.

    Kevin Barnes
    Community Manager
    Blue Prism