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Blue Prism Capture Now Available for Download!

  • 1.  Blue Prism Capture Now Available for Download!

    Posted 05-13-2022 12:34

    Announcement from: 02-25-2021 

    The ability of our customers to automate faster and scale automation throughout their business is dependent on their process definition documents (PDDs). Now, the latest version of Blue Prism® Capture features the ability to export the defined PDD as a Blue Prism XML, ready to be loaded to the Process Studio, thereby reducing time-to-automation by up to 25%.

    Blue Prism Capture is an intelligent process capture platform that automatically generates all the documentation needed to create and optimize process definition documents (PDDs). Since every automation needs one, we think your digital workforce should help you create them.

    Blue Prism Capture is available to all paying Blue Prism partners and customers at no cost.  Partners and customers who are registered portal users can download the latest version of Capture from the Blue Prism Customer Portal today.

    Key functionalities of Capture include:

    • Ability to export the defined process as a Blue Prism XML, ready to be loaded into Blue Prism, with the process automatically laid out in Process Studio.
    • Eliminates browser dependency by running in its own application window.
    • Instantly capture documentation for process definition documents (PDD).
    • Modify, embellish, and optimize each step.
    • Easily add step branches and branch conditions.
    • Create PDDs accurately and quickly.
    • Share and reuse PDDs.

    Melanie Giuliani
    Online Community Manager
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