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Chrome - Changes are not registered

  • 1.  Chrome - Changes are not registered

    Posted 05-13-2019 20:53
    Hi, we work with Chrome websites, and we often have the problem (using browser mode in 6.4.2), as if changes were not reported to the browser. It's as if the browser is not registering that input or dropdowns have been made. E.g. I have an input field which automatically performs a search for each input key. Although I can fill this field by write stage, the search with the corresponding popup will not be performed. On the other hand, I have a simple dropdown which I can start and select with SelectItem. However, the browser still thinks that the default item is selected. Why is the change event not generated? Is it possible to generate it manually? Thanks! Mark

  • 2.  Hi Mark, Some websites have…

    Posted 05-13-2019 21:13
    Hi Mark, Some websites have different layers of elements. Many a times, the blueprism interacts onl with the upper layer of GUI whereas in those, it is required to fill data in backhand layers too. So try using Global Send Keys for those text boxes or dropdowns. Thanks Harshal

  • 3.  We've seen that it's not so…

    Posted 05-13-2019 21:18
    We've seen that it's not so much to do with layers of elements, as it is to do with whatever scripting language is being used on the page. Certain automation actions (IE a write stage) may not trigger the page's scripts to think the field has been updated. To get around this, we would AA focus an element, then AA Global Mouseclick Center, AA Global Send Keys, then AA focus and AA Global Mouseclick Center another element.

  • 4.  RE: We've seen that it's not so…

    Posted 06-15-2020 04:48
    Hi Ami,
    I do not see the AA Mode when the default application that is being automated is selected as Browser (Chrome).

    Rajath Gopal
    Associate IT Consultant
    ITC Infotech

  • 5.  RE: We've seen that it's not so…

    Posted 07-03-2020 06:46
    Hello Rajat and Team,

    The AA mode is not defaulted/works directly with Chrome. This option needs to forced open using Application Modeler, but if you use AA, then you can't use Browser Mode for Chrome- only 1 way here.

    PFB my entended comment:

    Active Accessibility (AA) mode (launching Chrome ans Windows Application)
    a. The Chrome browser should be launched as a Windows Application
    b. Command line parameters must be provided to activate Active Accessibility. Command line Value below:
    c. This approach also has few backdrops
    i. Very difficult to get proper attributes due to duplicate attribute values AA mode picks up. Solution here- Use Match Index, Match Reverse mainly
    ii. As this is a workaround technique to work with Chrome Browser, the BP tends to fail sometimes to attach to the application even though it is launched using BP. Known solution- Run Login Agent process before running this Chrome browser based process.

    These inputs are from my experience with Chrome, not fully concreted with the solutions. Hope this helps the community.

    Chandan Raju

  • 6.  Thanks a lot. In chrome we…

    Posted 05-14-2019 15:29
    Thanks a lot. In chrome we couldn't identify these fields using AA. In Firefox it works but switching the browser all the time isn't the solution we are looking for.  Otherwise, maybe we will find a workaround...