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OData API interaction?

  • 1.  OData API interaction?

    Posted 02-03-2018 00:50
    I'm on a project now where I need to run some OData queries and get data back and dump into a collection (I'm new to OData and still trying to up to speed to the point that I can communicate about the subject). I've gotten Blue Prism to work with WSDL web services, but this is different I think. I've been able to connect to the source with Postman and Excel and get XML results. Is there a way within Blue Prism to submit OData queries?

  • 2.  Never heard of it - do OData…

    Posted 02-05-2018 15:53
    Never heard of it - do OData have a website or forum where you can find out about the interfaces available for it?  Does it have an API or ODBC driver you can use?

  • 3.  RE: Never heard of it - do OData…

    Posted 06-19-2020 11:49
    Odata is an metadata based json api,  and it doesnt have and ODBC driver.

    But, is there any that have worked with it in Blue Prism?

    Johnny Mogensen