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Standardize exception naming

  • 1.  Standardize exception naming

    Posted 07-03-2020 09:33
    We would like to "standardize" our exception naming in the way that every exception is in a format like "[object name] - [page / tab name]: some text"
    Instead of doing this manually, we are looking for a more generic approach.

    Is there a possibility to read the current object name and page name?
    In this way we could have an "exception template" (with [object name] & " - " & [page name] & ": some more text" ), and only have to add the additional information / text.

    We are automating a pretty big process with many application / objects.
    Sometimes it is not so obvious from where the exception was thrown, especially for the people doing the operation / monitoring.


    Roger Broechin
    Helevetia Insurance

  • 2.  RE: Standardize exception naming

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi Roger,

    The best way of achieving this is to simply use global and local data items to reference within each object. You would have the name of the object in the global data item that is referred to by all the pages/tabs and a local data item on each page that refers to the tab/page itself.

    The "Wireframer" module in Blue Prism's "Hub" application will actually do all this for you. Here is an example of how an exception message would look: (in place of "Object name" and "action name" would be the actual names)

    Hope this helps!


    Daniel Leach
    Automation Developer
    Blue Prism Cloud