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Surface Automation region issues

  • 1.  Surface Automation region issues

    Posted 06-24-2020 05:14
    Using BP V6.8.0.23415

    Trying to log into site which uses buttons that are visibly different but have no spyable unique attributes and locations. So I'm using regions. Browser is Chrome, the bank is too hip for IE.

    I'm using settings as per attachment. Buttons highlight until they move and then I get "Error - Highlighting results - Cannot find region identified as an image."

    So it looks a lot like I'm setting the Position to Anywhere (as per attached pic) but the Position acts as if it is Fixed with no Search Padding.

    I've used regions a lot in the past so am I missing something basic (most likely) or is a known issue?

    Matt Cortez

  • 2.  RE: Surface Automation region issues

    Posted 06-24-2020 07:07
    Bah, never mind, the font smoothing changes depending on the column the number is on, colour tolerance of 200 sorts it

    Matt Cortez

  • 3.  RE: Surface Automation region issues

    Posted 06-25-2020 15:10
    Even U can try like this.

    Prasanth Chirukuri
    RPA Developer
    iOPEX Technologies

  • 4.  RE: Surface Automation region issues

    Posted 06-26-2020 10:35
    Hi Matt - don't go too wild with tolerance. It's intended for situations where there are slight discrepancies between modelled colours and the run time colours. If the tolerance is too high there's a risk of getting a false match.

    John Carter
    Professional Services
    Blue Prism