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Recognise text issues

  • 1.  Recognise text issues

    Posted 05-27-2020 17:23

    I am using 'Recognise text' to read some fields in an application, where the other Spy modes are not useable, and OCR is not reliable enough (the field may contain both text and numbers which confuses the OCR functionality (ie reads rooo7 instead of the correct ro007).

    And Recognise text has worked fine on our different BLP servers up through Dev, TST and PREPROD environments.
    In PROD we have several jobservers, and Recognise text also works fine on one of out PROD job servers, but fails on one of the other PROD servers 

    We have allready checked that
    - Tahoma 9  (the font in the application) is present on both the mentioned PROD servers
    - screen resolution is the same
    - color settings is the same (64bit)
    - highlighting the field in the PROD environment, loggen on as the robot user seems to work find. It finds the field, and the red square looks fine.

    But when i run the action, it does not read the right content  ie dates as "18-05-2002" is read as "-  -    -" for some reason. And a three letter abbreviation ie "IOL" is not read at all. BLP doesnt go into exception mode, but just reads out nonsence.

    And as mentioned, it works fine in out Dev, Test, PREprod and one PROD server, but reads out wrong contetn on an other PROD server.

    Any suggestions as to what to do ?
    - Is it a server problem somehow, that they are not 100% alike, even if they ought to be, and if yes, what should I look for (it is a needle in a heystack), so what things are Recognise text depending on ? 
    - need I to change something in the robot configuration.  And it is not possible reading the text in other ways, I have tried Copy-paste functionality (rightclick and Ctrl C and that sort of thing, and that is not possible. Also AA and UI can not at all "see" the fields, so Region mode has been the only way of proceeding.

    Best regards

    Ingrid Olsen
    Configurator and proces consultant

  • 2.  RE: Recognise text issues

    Posted 05-28-2020 17:06
    Hi Ingrid - have you checked that Font Smoothing is off? If it's on Recognise Text will never work because the characters are pixelated/fuzzed by Windows.

    John Carter
    Professional Services
    Blue Prism