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Schedule Overlap

  • 1.  Schedule Overlap

    Posted 02-12-2019 23:15
    Hi,    I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to the below scenario:   Supposing I have a morning schedule which starts at 11am, and an afternoon schedule which runs at 1pm. If for whatever reason the morning schedule is particularly busy, there is a chance that it might overlap and run past 1pm. If it was to run past 1pm, it would obviously stop the afternoon schedule from starting, as the resource(s) would not be available.    Is there a way to push back the afternoon schedule, if the first schedule is still running and then ideally start the afternoon schedule once the morning one has completed?   Hopefully that makes sense.  I appreciate there is a document on the dynamic scheduler, but it doesn't seem to be what we are looking for.   Thank you in advance for your help,  B    

  • 2.  Only way to achieve that …

    Posted 02-13-2019 02:58
    Only way to achieve that (without running your own external scheduler somehow) is kinda messy, but possible: 1) Run process1 at 11  2) Make an additional process that just waits until after 13:00 of current day and set it to run after process1 (if you are actually need to wait until 13 for input to be ready etc) 3) Set process2 to run after that waiting process (or straight after process1 if there is no need to wait). That way if process1 runs past 13:00, waiting just exits and goes to process2, otherwise it just waits. There is some downsides, like if process2 uses like 5 bots and waits for two different processes to finish on different bots, it gets complicated.   You can chain as many processes as you want this way.

  • 3.  Morning aikudino,   Many…

    Posted 02-13-2019 15:50
    Morning aikudino,   Many thanks for your response. I will give this a try. Essentially we're creating a buffer process between the two schedules!   Many thanks, B

  • 4.  RE: Schedule Overlap

    Posted 05-30-2019 13:07
    Hi ,

    You can create a task in your scheduler which triggers the Process at 11AM which on completion will trigger the 2nd process.

    I have replied to a similar question before,please check below link 

    Hope this helps.

    Ravinder saini
    Ernst & Young India

  • 5.  RE: Schedule Overlap

    Posted 06-17-2019 13:26


    if you run a "farm" of resources that execute different schemas and executions based on the day or load you would definetly benefit from a know execution time. 

    I do think that it's in the BP standard template a option to use X number of items or X number of hours/minutes. 

    The latter one is in my opinion the one that actually work in a real world scenario. ( For example you want to utilize your resource or target system license etc. ) If you set a fixed exectiontime, as an example 1:50h to a process then you could:

    • Plan resoure usage based on 2hour slots. You don't need to schedule base on best-guess.
    • If the robot runs for 3 hours you know that something is not working as expected. ( You know when to act. )
    • Make it a session variable so that you can get in sync with the current overall schema when something fails. 

    • If the robot still have items to process, then you schedule one more 2hour session. Maybe even with a "intelligent" scheduler. 
      As the pussle now have pieces of the same size.

    I see many developers choose number of items as the delimiter, but we frankly work by the clock not by the item.... 



    PS Of course the timeblock could be of any size DS

    Hakan Engman
    Automation engineer