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Queuing and retry mechanism on schedule

  • 1.  Queuing and retry mechanism on schedule

    Posted 12-06-2018 08:54
    Scenario as below If there are two schedules "Schedule A" & "Schedule B" and both having object with foregroun run mode. "Schedule A" run at 1:00 pm "Schedule B" run at 1:30 pm If "Schedule A" run more than 30 mins.  "Schedule B" will be marked as failed with message "Runtime Resource xxxxxx is too busy". Is it possible to allow "Schedule B" to be queued up or re-try the schedule after failure This enhancement allow us to better ultilize the robot and handle fail case 

  • 2.  We coded a program that…

    Posted 01-08-2019 00:50
    We coded a program that checks the sql table for any failed missed schedules, adds it to a queue, and then it continually tries to run the process until it successfully runs.  It's been working pretty well for us.

  • 3.  RE: We coded a program that…

    Posted 05-30-2019 13:30
    @Tom Cirone

    What did you use to code that? Did you guys make up something quick or a full-on app?​

    Dave Morris
    3Ci @ Southern Company
    Atlanta, GA

  • 4.  RE: We coded a program that…

    Posted 06-17-2019 09:30
    Edited by Hakan Engman 06-17-2019 09:34


    Even though I also access the dateabase and do SQL queries towards it, BluePrism acatually provide another option to get a status report.

    AutomateC.exe /sso /viewschedreport { days } { date } /dbconnname { database } /format csv 

    Give the ouput : 

    Type,Status,Name,Instance,Start,End,Termination Reason

    Otherwize I gues you find most of the important stuff in BPAScheduleLogEntry table in the database. Personally I'm trying to move away from accessing the db directly. The output could be "piped" to your homebuilt re-scheduler code. 

    Just as an option. 

    Thank you,

    Håkan Engman 

    Hakan Engman
    Automation engineer

  • 5.  Hi Tom,   can you elaborate…

    Posted 04-12-2019 00:31
    Hi Tom,   can you elaborate on how you coded for  failed or missed schedule  in the queue? not sure how you are calling the failed queue ?

  • 6.  RE: Queuing and retry mechanism on schedule

    Posted 05-30-2019 12:58
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    While creating your scheduler for Schedule A , we can add Schedule B to run on completion of Scheduler A. 
    So when you create task for Schedule A, you will see option 'On Completion' there you can give Task which will run Process/Scheduler B.

    Attached snapshot for more details.

    Ravinder saini
    Ernst & Young India

  • 7.  RE: Queuing and retry mechanism on schedule

    Posted 05-30-2019 13:28
    Edited by David Morris 05-30-2019 13:28
    Hi @Ravinder saini​,

    The feature you mention regarding On Complete/On Exception is very useful, but the problem is that Lap Hon's need is to re-run a Schedule that was missed and there's currently no interaction between Schedules. What you're referring to is between tasks within the same schedule.

    Still, I wonder if the suggestion might not be a good workaround. Instead of scheduling the two processes on separate schedules, maybe they could be combined together into the same schedule. The tasks that were previously in Schedule A would be the first few tasks and Schedule B's tasks would be the latter half of a combined Schedule AB.

    Dave Morris
    3Ci @ Southern Company
    Atlanta, GA