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Error Message

  • 1.  Error Message

    Posted 02-06-2020 09:29
    ​​Hi all
    Looking for some pointers...
    Each day first time we run process seems to terminate on first run with below message from the logs. When we restart VMs (sometimes takes multiple restarts) the process works fine.
    Anyone experience this and what problem possibly may be? Cannot be a process problem as processes working fine without failure for a long time but this has only started happening sporadically upon migration to Windows 10.
    Thanks in advance

    'Failed to perform Step 1 in Navigate stage 'Activate App' on page 'Launch' - could not identify process owning the current foreground window

    Kevin Mckenna
    Customer Service Team Manager
    BNP Paribas

  • 2.  RE: Error Message

    Posted 02-06-2020 11:41

    This might be an issue with persistence on your RDP. Support has a good article on it

    Gopal Bhaire

  • 3.  RE: Error Message

    Posted 02-07-2020 08:31
    Hi, Kevin,

    this might be related that no user is logged on and therefore there is no active desktop which Blue Prism needs to work whenever you call Activate Application, Global Mouse Click or Global Send Key. Do you use Login Agent? Are you sure that your screen is not locked after certain time interval?


    Zdeněk Kabátek
    Head of Professional Services

  • 4.  RE: Error Message

    Posted 02-07-2020 06:38
    We had this same issue on a machine that had screensaver & lock screen enabled --> BP is is able to interact with the resource in general, so in Control Room everything looks fine, but the foreground window can't be recognized.

    Ismo Lehtiniemi
    RPA Solution Expert
    Amcor Specialty Cartons