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Command line query PC connect to BP Server status?

  • 1.  Command line query PC connect to BP Server status?

    Posted 12-19-2019 06:44
    Hello, I am new to blue prism.
    I use BP v5.0.30  , I have the following setup.

    3 blue prism server, assume its IP is and and
    1 share PC, assume its IP is
    Note, I am NOT admin user. However I can login to above 3 BP server's control room and some other limited setting. and login to that PC with normal user right.

    I know I can run the following command to the PC which install as blue prism client
    telnet 8199

    and I type command:  help
    it will show: Available commands:

    help create delete start
    action status vars varupdates
    setvar getparams controller members
    pool connections availability user
    password internalauth proxyfor userlist
    proclist caps outputs stop
    startp busy version quit
    shutdown ping

    Use help <command> for more information.

    The question I want to ask is, can I use the above command to query the following information?
    1. which blue prism server does that PC connect to? ( don't ask me why I don't login the PC and check there, because it is slow. )
    2. what is the connection status? ( I meant in blue prism server control room, I can see the status: online or offline )

    3. beside the above command line, is there another way I can query the above information? like instead of telnet to the PC, can I telnet to the 3 BP server individually, and run command line check if that PC is connect to that server?
    4. how about blue prism v6.5.1, there is no 8199 port in that version. how can I get the above information in command line?

    Please note, I am NOT a admin or DB user.
    Thank you

    David NG