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Error only through runtime resource

  • 1.  Error only through runtime resource

    Posted 01-21-2020 13:27
    We currently have two automations that are both experiencing the same issues. When running them in the interactive desktop they work perfectly, but when running remotely onto the runtime resource they both fail midway through the process (consistently in the same place). If we run in the runtime resource and then log into the same machine then the process runs smoothly again.

    The error both automations get when they are unsuccessful is: Could not identify the foreground window owning the process.

    Not sure if this relevant, but when we are trying to use login agent to login, we get the error: Semaphore timeout expired

    Please help! Thanks in advance!

    Cameron Young

  • 2.  RE: Error only through runtime resource

    Posted 01-22-2020 08:17
    Hi, Cameron,

    this sounds like typical attributes for situation that your desktop on runtime resource is locked or no user is logged in. The process can run for some time as long as you don't use global mouse click or activate window or global send keys. Can you check that the screen locker or something like that is not taking place?


    Zdeněk Kabátek
    Head of Professional Services

  • 3.  RE: Error only through runtime resource

    Posted 01-22-2020 10:06

    The issue is mainly caused when Blue Prism tries to ask the operating system for the current foreground window token. The Windows operating system keeps a track of which window currently has the token which designates it as the current foregrounded window. So when the call to Activate Application action is made, Blue Prism asks the OS for this token. Due to the way various applications respond to such requests, or the permission levels for eg on VMs or bitness, Blue Prism is prevented from getting this token. Hence Blue Prism tells you it could not identify the current foreground process window that owns this token.

    The solution is
    1. Use "Verify" or "Focus" actions on the application instead of "Activate Application". This highlights the application that you want to foreground.
    2. Make the application run mode to Foreground
    You ould also look at the permissions that the Robot account has for that VM

    Connor Tickhill
    Solution Consultant
    Blue Prism