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Schedule not able to use online resource

  • 1.  Schedule not able to use online resource

    Posted 10-21-2019 12:25
    Hi Guys, 

    I'm upgrading from BP5 to BP6.

    When I start a process manually, it runs on Resource X fine.

    However, when set up a schedule to start the process on Resource X, I'm getting the error:

    "Resource X is Offline - retried 10 times"

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Thanks You,


  • 2.  RE: Schedule not able to use online resource

    Posted 10-22-2019 08:50
    Hi John,

    Please check if the resources are showing connected in application server.​ if you are using 6.3.0 version there is a known bug RR reporting wrongly as offline to control room which is rectified in 6.4

    if the RR are reporting "yes-connected" to application server as well then try changing the RR connectivity setting by changing resource registration and addressing to 'Register using machine short name and communicate using FQDN.
    above setting can be seen in system>settings>runtime resource connectivity

    Similar issue was resolved by altering the above setting in one of my environment.

    Jerin Jose
    RPA Product SME