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Issue with Region Mode reads from Control Room

  • 1.  Issue with Region Mode reads from Control Room

    Posted 12-04-2019 10:30
    We are having an issue with a process which performs Region Mode reads. 
    The process runs successfully - through volumes - on dev & test environments through the control room. The process is using region mode to read data from a PDF.

    Once we move to the production environment the Region Mode reads do not work when the process is run from the control room. The following error is received: (ERROR: Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Read Stage 'Stage Name' on page 'Page Name ' - Parameter is not valid.)
    The process runs without any issues when run through the studio on the same production environment. Again the process runs perfectly through the control room on other environments. We cannot recreate the issue on any other environment. 

    We have added wait stages to ensure the process is not running too fast and have confirmed we can perform other non-region mode reads on the PDF.
    We have created simple Region mode reads with static input parameters on the production environment. These work fine through the studio but again fail with the same error when run through the control room. 

    Is there any error specific to the control room which could cause this issue?

  • 2.  RE: Issue with Region Mode reads from Control Room

    Posted 12-04-2019 11:13
    Is this the only time in Production + Control Room where you are encountering this error?  Or are there other Surface Automation regions that you are able to perform reads on successfully?

    I would try to capture the screen right before the read that triggers the error to double-check whether it is on the expected screen. 

    I would also double check the resolution of the production machine when run "headlessly" (i.e. without a monitor, or without remotely connecting into the Runtime Resource).  I've encountered situations where the DEV/UAT VDIs are configured by a completely different team than production.  The default resolution of the VDIs in DEV/UAT were correct, but set to a different value in PROD.  When running a process from the Studio in PROD, the RPA developers were "remoted" into the machine, which changed the resolution to the expected one.  When run from the control room, the Runtime had no monitor and defaulted to a different resolution, causing it to fail.

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