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Integration of Microsoft Teams with Blue Prism

  • 1.  Integration of Microsoft Teams with Blue Prism

    Posted 10-12-2019 17:31
    Hi all,
    I'm working on integrating Microsoft Teams with Blue Prism to automate messages through Teams just like outlook email automation & got to know that I can use Microsoft Graph to do that but couldn't get the complete picture of it. If anyone can share their understanding/ Knowledge on this on how we can integrate, that would be great!!

    Venkata Subramanyam Darbha
    RPA Developer

  • 2.  RE: Integration of Microsoft Teams with Blue Prism

    Posted 10-14-2019 05:54
    ​This is pretty easy.

    Prerequisites -

    1. In Microsoft Teams, select a team and a channel for that team (the channel you want notifications sent to).
    2. In Microsoft Teams, choose the More options (⋯) button next to the channel name in the list of channels and then choose Connectors.
    3. Look through the list and at the Incoming Webhook connector, click Configure.
    4. Give the webhook a name and a custom icon and click Create.
    5. Next, copy the webhook URL. You will need it to configure this in Blue Prism

    How it Works -

    Cards are basic building block; they are not new and being used as part of Outlook and office 365. Microsoft has provided various option sand types of Cards those can be used to perform required operation.


    All what is needed is -

    1. Webhook URL -
    2. Message Card (JSON)- This will contain some required tags and some optional values [Check type of Cards ]
    3. {     "@type": "MessageCard",     "@context": "",     "summary": "A test build notification via REST 4",     "themeColor": "0078D7",     "title": "A test build notification via REST ",     "sections": [         {             "activityTitle": "Title test",             "activitySubtitle": "Subtitle test"         },{             "activityTitle": "Title test 4",             "activitySubtitle": "Subtitle test"         }         ] }
    4. Then Use of HTTP Methods such as (GET/POST) to perform required task.(Using HTTP VBO)

    Bit Caution -

    1. Outgoing webhooks are limited now and currently being reviewed by security team and only work with publicly exposed (Accessible from outside fil network…such as exposed services via Layer 7)
    2. For the "Message Card Playground" (i.e. test JSON code), use one of the two following URLs:

    Further Reference -

    Satish Prasad
    Senior Analyst Programmer
    Fidelity International
    +91 9999230159

  • 3.  RE: Integration of Microsoft Teams with Blue Prism

    Posted 07-24-2020 09:10
    Hello Satish Prasad,
    Thanks for this. :) it's working in my end.
    How about getting the message in Teams?
    Do you have any ideas?

    Ma Abegail Fernandez
    Blue Prism Mentor / Sr. Blue Prism Developer
    Smart Automation Services