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  • 1.  Hawk Authenticated API

    Posted 10-14-2019 19:42


    A vendor to my company is upgrading their servers and the new environment will use Hawk authentication whereas before they were using basic authentication. I do not know much about APIs and am trying to get something working within Blue Prism.

    I have verified that the new server is working, the methods and authentication are working using the Postman application.  However Postman is generating a timestamp (epoch format e.g. "14/10/2019 18:31:03" = 1571077863) and an Nonce on the fly.

    I'm getting a 'timestamp is out of date' response which according to some YouTube videos I should be able to circumvent it by matching my local time to within 60 seconds of the web servers clock.  

    Not too sure about this and it seems like i'd be reinventing the wheel.  Ideally someone can point me in the direction of a preexisting VBO I can just download and import?

    OR does anyone know a good way to generate Nonce tokens / timestamps in epoch format?  These are required in the authentication header.

    Kind regards,

    Ben Kirimlidis
    RPA Developer and Data Analyst