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Activate Window - Internet Explorer

  • 1.  Activate Window - Internet Explorer

    Posted 10-18-2019 04:53

    Did anyone encounter below activate window problem?

    The problem we have is.
    We have two web application running using internet explorer and we have to switch between these two applications.
    We use activate window to activate it before using the application, but we could observer that the internet explorer icon is highlighted in star menu but the window is not activated back.
    This problem is only happened in windows 10 environment, we don't encounter this problem in windows 7 environment.

    Thank you very much if anyone has encountered similar issues.

    Jun Fang

  • 2.  RE: Activate Window - Internet Explorer

    Posted 10-24-2019 02:45
    If you haven't already, try spying the browser view area as win32, instead of the entire IE instance window. We have had mostly success with that. Also make sure the window to be activated is attached with the right child index.

    Hope it helps!

    Brian Clayton
    Lead Developer - C#/Blue Prism RPA
    The Auto Club Group