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Triggering Alteryx Workflows - Oauth1

  • 1.  Triggering Alteryx Workflows - Oauth1

    Posted 10-11-2019 08:29

    We are looking at using Blue Prism to trigger Alteryx Workflows in the Alteryx Gallery (back end server). 

    There is a REST API available with which to interact, and I can use this API with no issues via a REST client such as Postman.  However the authentication method used by the API is OAuth1.  When I look at the Credentials part of Blue Prism, only OAuth2 is available.

    Has anyone worked on Blue Prism authentication with OAuth1 ?  I guess that it will be necessary to call some other code to generate the OAuth1 pieces and plug these in to the Blue Prism process, but if anyone can shed any light that would be great, thanks.