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  • 1.  Attach .msc application

    Posted 11-14-2019 15:23
    Hi Community:

    I am currently developing a process where the mailboxes of Microsft Exchange Server are automated. To open the application I had to use the "StartProcess" action because it has an .msc extension and the "Application Modeller" does not allow to launch it. In order to spy elements I need "Attach", however I have not been able to achieve it, the following steps have been tried:

    - Attach by specific application name, use of collection Names, Wildcards,
    - Give different values to ChildIndex.
    - Specify a username because one of the attempts shows that there is more than one match.
    - Specify Process Name.
    - Specify P.I.B.

    Reviewing the internet I could find out that these applications generate many intances that make it difficult to achieve a direct "Attach" as do the .exe files. If anyone has a possible solution I would appreciate sharing the information, greetings !!!

    Daniel Flores
    Junior Staff