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Find out which version from DEV is currently in PROD

  • 1.  Find out which version from DEV is currently in PROD

    Posted 13 days ago
    I am struggeling to see which version of a Business object in DEV is active in PROD - so i can effectively use the compare function i DEV to check if there are unexpected changes made in DEV as compared to the version currently in PROD.

    When I import a release to PROD can only see the 'import into PROD date". So now I have to find the imported release containing the object in PROD, and then find the same release in DEV, to see when that release was created from DEV and then which version in DEV must have been in that release.  To ease this we have started putting the date/timestamp from when the release from DEV was created in the releasename, and that helps a bit, but it is not optimal.

    So is there a smarter way of doing this? (and I really hope there is... :-)..    
    • Could be that the object secretly has a version number or timestamp, that can also be seen in PROD. I looked at the "File export" file and it doesnt seem like it contains anything like that or the export date, but I could be wrong…  or
    • that we somehow from the database can extract a list of all existing objects per environment including the name of the latest release name that contained each object - in that case we will be able to use the naming convention with the date/timestamp  …..or …
    • some other solution...

    Ingrid Olsen
    Configurator and proces consultant