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  • 1.  How do you treat your bots?

    Posted 07-27-2021 14:32

    How you treat people drives the way they treat you in return. The same goes for any digital workers that you may introduce into your workforce. No, this does not mean that we must be courteous in our communication with our digital colleagues, however, it does mean that the way we think of them can sometimes help drive how we scale our digital workforce.

    Using the revised organisational model as a guide, we know that large enterprises are aiming to get to a stage where they can leverage all the promised advantages of Intelligent Automation.

    However, to get there, we need to have a shift in our approach to the workforce and how they are handled. The people and the systems are established. The bots need an approach to be defined. So here are my two cents:


    What's in a Name?

    I have been part of lengthy (and usually amusing) debates on how to name the digital workers (DW's). This may sound like a shallow conversation, but there are clear benefits in treating the DW's as part of your team. Once 'Henry' starts becoming part of the team meetings, with work being actively allocated to it, the creation of interdependency results in the creation of value by default. You no longer have to stop, redesign existing business processes specifically for Henry. And the key indicator of Henry's assimilation into your team is the day someone stops calling Henry 'it' and starts referring to him as 'he'.

    Henry starts showing up in daily business productivity reports. Henry may soon become a team lead of DW's and hence may have a new/separate set of KPIs.


    Invest in Henry's Health

    Most companies invest in health insurance for their employees. Henry should also be taken care of similarly. We can do that by always making sure that Henry is part of any upgrades, patch deployments, anti-virus updates, and as importantly any hardware upgrades that the machines being used by the employee base usually get every 3-4 years.


    Celebrate Henry's successes

    I worked in a consultancy firm where we had a nice shiny bell in the middle of the office. It was rung each time a new sale was secured by the sales team. It was a very simple yet effective way of getting people to talk about something new that had happened in the company and helped emphasise the achievements of the team. Similarly, using simple, easy to create dashboards and displaying them on a monitor or publishing them on an intranet site, helps spread the news and awareness of Henry's good work through positive reinforcements of the KPIs achieved.


    Process Improvement for All

    We are constantly trying to improve our business processes to help make them more efficient and help our workforce stay engaged and productive. We can't afford to ignore Henry in such initiatives. It's important to ensure that the business processes in scope for Henry to deliver are always part of the continuous improvement initiatives. Too often we ignore these business processes since they are running successfully and delivering value to the business. This does not mean that we can't increase the value by ensuring the processes are as efficient as possible as the business process and/or business application landscapes change in an organisation.

    Usman Azim
    Professional Services
    Blue Prism

  • 2.  RE: How do you treat your bots?
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-29-2021 00:21
    Thanks Usman. Some great points!

    I'd just like to add that when including your Digital Workers (DW) in the deployment cycles/upgrades etc. consider that a DW for all their many strengths can sometimes struggle if something happens with an application/OS that they've not been trained to handle. That is until we get self healing robots (which is on the longer term product roadmap). Some customers opt for a separate deployment policy with less frequent "upgrades" for their DW's to allow periodic regression testing (to varying degrees) to ensure they are not adversely impacted by the changes.

    Also continuing on from an old post I would also be interested to hear from the community of any new, interesting robot names you've encountered on your automation journeys to add to our collection.



    Andrew Beard
    Senior Consultant
    Blue Prism

  • 3.  RE: How do you treat your bots?

    Posted 08-02-2021 12:56
    Hi Andrew, 
    Yes totally agree! Taking care of the DW's does mean that we need to potentially tailor their health services based on the needs of the business and the potential impact of changes/upgrades on the automations. Upgrade for the sake of upgrade can be dangerous if proper care and planning is not done in advance. 


    Usman Azim
    Professional Services
    Blue Prism

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