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Converting Trail Version

  • 1.  Converting Trail Version

    Posted 08-28-2019 23:54
    Hi all, 

    I want to install trail version and convert it to a Enterprise version after one month. Is this possible?

    Prasad Gangiredla

  • 2.  RE: Converting Trail Version

    Posted 09-20-2019 04:40

    From what I know - technically it is possible, as the trial version is almost identical to the enterprise version, except for the license limitation and the database used.

    So if you purchase an enterprise license and move your data from the SQL LocalDB to either SQL Server Standard/Enterprise edition - it would probably work.

    Maybe the BP guys can provide a definitive answer on this. I'm pretty sure though they would advise that you re-install BP using the enterprise installation distribution, as it might be safer for production use.

    Eric Scott Herman

  • 3.  RE: Converting Trail Version

    Posted 09-23-2019 03:53
    Edited by Chris Strong 09-23-2019 03:54

    DELETED - I incorrectly responded regarding on-premises Trial oppose to Azure Cloud Trial.

    Chris Strong
    Product Owner
    Blue Prism