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Decipher process time per page or PDF

  • 1.  Decipher process time per page or PDF

    Posted 13 days ago


    We are working with Blue Prism and Decipher, at this moment we receive an estimated amount of 8,000 PDF  (around 9,000 pages per week). 

    We know that every license of Decipher works with  4000 pages per month 

    But  we have a question,  how long does it take to process on a Runtime Resource 4000 pages for Decipher?


    Alejandra Hernández Bonilla

  • 2.  RE: Decipher process time per page or PDF

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hello Alejandra,

    Thanks for your question as you said these is what is documented on the Decipher Online Help:

    Decipher IDP is currently subject to a fair use policy which entitles each production deployment to 4,000 pages processed per month per licensed Digital Worker (concurrent session), subject to Decipher environment configuration. Therefore, if a customer has 10 Digital Workers, they are entitled to process 40,000 pages per month.

    Now on how fast a runtime resource will take to process those pages will have too many dependencies. These could be the page content, images on the page, font , font size, languages (requires additional Unicode recognition) which in short all this contributes on the data byte size per page. So depending on the byte size and the runtime CPU, RAM , Hard-disk and graphic memory , Network speed and other software running at the time, all this will change the processing time. The more accurate calculation could be done if you take a standard 10 page pdf (bigger size for worse case scenarios) and run it to the system. See how much the runtime took to push the document to decipher and then use that to calculate in scale.  I think this approach could give you an estimate for your system. Now remember each Runtime Resource could be different due to all the variables mentioned above.

    Ramon Nunez
    Product Specialist
    Blue Prism Software Inc

  • 3.  RE: Decipher process time per page or PDF

    Posted 12 days ago
    Hi Ramon, 

    I have this specs on my production environment:

    Operating Systems
    App and DB server: Windows Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
    Interactive Clients and runtime resources: Windows 10 Pro edition v 1909
    RAM Memory distribution
    Application Server: 8GB
    Database Server: 32GB
    Interactive Clients: 4GB
    Runtime Resources: 8GB

    We are targeting to work 10,000 pages per week with PDF with one page.  We just one to know is two or three licenses per week are enough for this amount of pages. 


    Alejandra Hernández Bonilla

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