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Control Room: everything you need to know (and more) webinar recording!

  • 1.  Control Room: everything you need to know (and more) webinar recording!

    Posted 07-14-2020 04:49
    The Control Room is Blue Prism's command center: it provides a centralised administration console for controlling, monitoring, executing and scheduling automated processes to the Digital Workforce as well as an overall hub for resource management.

    Often underutilized, understanding the Control Room is critical to reaching the full potential of your Connected- RPA Digital Workforce.

    But why is getting the best out of your Control Room so important?

    - Scheduling allows for time critical processes to be completed within defined SLAs even during peak volumes without the need to recruit for overtime or out-of-hours human workers.
    - Digital Workers can be allocated to certain processes or can put to work across all processes like a multiskilled worker dependant on volumes. This allows for you to be reactive according to business needs.
    - You have access to all run data and run logs that can tell you exactly what actions have completed by your Digital Workforce; this can be more transparent than actions completed by the human workforce and ensures full auditability of processes automated.
    - It is a real time view of what your Digital Workforce is currently working on, at what speed and how effective it is.

    In this webinar recording,  @Christian Wells (Senior Product Consultant, Blue Prism) and @Denis Dennehy (Customer Success Director, Blue Prism) help you get to the next level with your usage of the Control Room, covering everything you need to know (and more), including:

    - Delivery Methodology
    - Service Model definition of Business as Usual activities and the role of the Controller
    - Controller's Collateral - Operation Handbook and Contingency Planning
    - Control Room Overview
    - Filters
    - Logs
    - Reports
    - Staffing Model: Difference between the Controller (monitoring) and Lead Controller (Scheduling, Resource Management)

    Are there more topics you would like to hear about? Let us know in the comments below :)

    Norah Alsudani
    Communities Strategy Director
    Blue Prism