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Decipher - Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

  • 1.  Decipher - Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

    Posted 10-15-2020 07:23

    Decipher IDP is an easy-to-use intelligent document processing solution that identifies and extracts data from structured and semi-structured business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and other typed forms.

    With Decipher IDP you can:

    • Quickly and accurately extract data from documents
    • Uncover new possibilities and potential
    • Increase automation adoption throughout the enterprise

    Benefits of Using Decipher IDP for RPA

    • Easy-to-use intelligent document processing at no extra cost
    • Improved data access and accuracy
    • Increased processing speed
    • Human-in-the-loop verification
    • Security and compliance for all industries

    Find out more:

    Izak Bester
    Solutions Consultant
    Blue Prism