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Quick Tip: Translate in one click

  • 1.  Quick Tip: Translate in one click

    Posted 08-14-2020 11:59
    Hi all!

    Today we wanted to share with you a really useful and easy tip that may open up more content for you.

    It may be the case you would like to explore one of our local language communities and check the latest posts written there or you may be a member of one of these local language communities and would like to read posts in other communities in English. This would be a great way of broaden your knowledge in the Blue Prism Community if it wasn't for the language barrier.

    However, there's a very simple and effective solution for that: automatic translation solutions from your browser

    These exist nowadays in a lot of different browser options (including Safari and Mozilla), but we will be talking about Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

    If your default browser is Chrome, you would just need to download the Google Translate extension from the Chrome web store. Once installed, the translation icon will appear next to your search bar.
    For it to pop up automatically every time, we just need to right-click on the icon and go to Options. From there we'll select the option "Immediately display popup." And we're all set!
    From now on, every time you open a web page in a different language from your default language settings, the pop up will appear to translate the text into your preferred language. Additionally, by clicking on the three dots from the pop up, you can also select any other language from the displayed menu to translate into.

    In case your default browser is Microsoft Edge, the process is even easier! For this browser the extension won't be needed since the functionality is already installed by default. Basically you just need to go to a web page with a different language from your default language settings and the translation icon will pop up giving you the option to translate into your preferred language or any other you select. 

    If for any reason this default feature has been turn off, you just need to click on the three dots option at the top right corner of your Edge browser and go to Settings>Languages. From there, just make sure the option "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read" is turned on and you're good to go!

    With these simple instructions, not even a foreign language can stop you from learning about Blue Prism. 

    Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

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