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ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

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  • 1.  ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

    Posted 7 days ago

    This is Ashik. I am the Automation Solution Manager in IBM. I am planning to appear for the ROM Architect Certification exam. I have already registered in the Blue Prism portal as well as

    While going thru the Blue Prism portal, I noticed that under ROM Architect Certification there are two versions mentioned as shown below.

    Could you please clarify my below doubts.
    • Are these two versions related to two different categories of ROM Certificates - e.g. ARA01 for ROM Architect Certification and ARA02 for ROM Accredited Architect certification ? Please confirm.
    • To my understanding ARA01 (Version 1 mentioned above) was the earlier version - valid till Dec 2020. The latest / updated version of the same ROM Architect certification is ARA02 (Version 2 mentioned above). So, effectively there are no two certifications. It is only one certification - ROM Architect and for that ARA02 guideline should be read and applicable. Please confirm.
    • In Pearsonvue website, there are provision for exam schedules in ARA02 (exam from center) and ARA02_OP (for online exam). But there is no provision to schedule exam under ARA01 though the entry is there. Ideally if the ARA01 is sunset it should have been removed from the exam list or there should have been some note attached beside that entry. Please confirm.
    Appreciate your help in clarifying my doubts.

    Mohammed Ashik

  • 2.  RE: ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification
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    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Ashik,

    I have enrolled for ARA02 ROM Certification on 27th Feb. You are correct on the ARA01. The Version 1 (ARA01) is the earlier offering of the ROM Certificate and is currently deprecated. We should go with the Version 2 (ARA02). 

    Hope this helps. Wish you all the best for your Exam!

    Santhosh Vijayabaskar
    Program Manager
    Fidelity Investments
    Covington KY

  • 3.  RE: ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

    Posted 6 days ago
    Dear Santhosh,

    Thanks for your prompt response and clarification. I was also thinking in the same line. However, not quite sure why still the Pearsonvue has ARA01 option available in the website (though there is no exam scheduling provision given against that).

    Also, another point I noticed in Blue Prism portal under "University" drop down under "Certification" section - If you see the attached documents mentioned under ROM Architect Certification : In ARA01 it is mentioned "Blue Prism ROM Architect" whereas under in ARA02 it is mentioned "Blue Prism Accredited ROM Architect".

    I guess there are now TWO certifications we are talking about and it is all leading to the same certification called - "ROM Architect". :)
    Wishing you all the very best for your exam. Please share your exam experience post Feb 27.


    Mohammed Ashik

  • 4.  RE: ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

    Posted 6 days ago
    HI Mohammed,

    Thanks for brining the website information to our attention, I have now removed the ARA01 information from the Certification section as that certification is no longer available. Both of the exams, ARA01 and ARA02 are certification exams, they are just for different versions. There is now only one version of this exam for ROM Architect, and that is the ARA02 exam.

    Brenda Weschke
    Educations Services Operations Specialist

  • 5.  RE: ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi Santhosh,

    Could you please share your experience with the ROM Architect certification exam (ARA02) which was scheduled today.
    I am eager to know... as I will be planning to appear for the same soon. :)

    Mohammed Ashik

  • 6.  RE: ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

    Posted 2 days ago

    Hi Mohammed,

    I successfully completed the ROM Certification today (02/27). I felt the exam between easy and medium level. 

    Here is the learning plan that I followed:

    • Completed ROM ARA02 Course on BluePrism University
    • Read all the articles under the menu "Robotic Operating Model" in
    • Prepared the topics mentioned under the "Scope" and "Preparation" sections prescribed by Blue Prism here
    • Feb 2021 ROM Essentials - the on-going 6-Weeks Training Program provides a wealth of knowledge and helps to gain insights and clarity on ROM areas.

    Snapshot of the sections that I was questioned on my exam (Note: These sections are subject to change and sharing them for reference purpose only)

    Maturity Model

    RPA Capability Creation

    Robotic Operating Model: General

    Robotic Operating Model: Vision

    Robotic Operating Model: Organisation

    Robotic Operating Model: Governance & Pipeline

    Robotic Operating Model: Delivery Methodology

    Robotic Operating Model: Service Model

    Robotic Operating Model: People

    Robotic Operating Model: Technology

    Robotic Operating Model: Additional Questions

    The exam experience was surely rewarding as it helped me accelerate my learning on ROM.

    All the best to you and all the ROM exam takers!

    Santhosh Vijayabaskar
    RPA Program Manager, Automation Architect
    Fidelity Investments
    Cincinnati OH

  • 7.  RE: ROM Architect Certification (ARA01 Vs ARA02) - Clarification

    Posted an hour ago
    Hi Santhosh

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Thanks a lot for sharing the insight.
    Just one quick thing, I am unable to access "Feb 2021 ROM Essentials" material though I enrolled earlier for this event. Somehow, not able to track the shared material. Could you kindly help me with the steps and process to access the material discussed in this training.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mohammed Ashik


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