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A new podcast from Blue Prism AI Labs

  • 1.  A new podcast from Blue Prism AI Labs

    Posted 07-16-2020 03:51
    Edited by Rusen Aktas 07-16-2020 03:55


    A new podcast series from Blue Prism AI Labs. We investigate incidents involving automation and AI failures, consulting experts in the process.  

    CSAI #1: Boeing 737 Max Accidents

    The Boeing 737 Max series was grounded in early 2019 after two deadly accidents that killed over 300 passengers and crew. As it looks to get back to the skies later this year, we investigate why the accidents happened and uncover the complex role of automation in airplanes. We are joined by former RAF pilot Mr. David Learmount of FlightGlobal and Capt. John Cox, former NTSB investigator and CEO of Safety Operating Systems.

    Why failures? Because that's how we learn. Lessons learned from failures lead to progress. 

    You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Anchor. We also have a Twitter account.

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